The world as you know it is spinning around
They murdered your mother, your father has drowned
Slip under your skin and the splinters shall see
That dead is your love for yourself and for me

Tabletop anguish and the march of the saints
The teachers walk backwards, the dreamer, she faints
Purloined percussion and the throbbing of swords
Sunken surprises for the stations of lords

Clap with both hands, scream with delight
Maybe tomorrow you won't have to fight
Scarlet is bursting in clouds in the air
Rattle and rumble in your silver chair

I knew the boy shepherd, I knew him well
The screaming red missiles took him to hell
Scarred and surrendered, smothered in gold
A flashing of fortune, an old-fashioned coat

Who can you blame for the dangers abroad?
How can you wonder why pirates maraud?
Do mortals have free will or is it just fate?
Must we distrust what is placed on our plate?