Primal poetry

Chieftain cheer
Hunt, rock

Deer, spear,
Tribe me here
Rock, fight

Deer, spear,
Proud and cheer
Glory hammer
We win

Deer, spear,
Chieftain's jeer
War come here
Wife so near

Deer, spear,
Cuckold's sneer
Kill him, fight him,
No good, dear

Deer, spear, silence queer,
Moon is white, sun is clear
We as one as many as two
Life, death, bury, who

Deer, spear, stony shear
Hunt so grand, without peer
Heart and fight and cut and bleed
Wife and child and mother and need

Deer, spear, together fear
Wife with mother and daughter with tear
We as many as punish as you
Fight and bury and blood and true

who are the psychedelic mind pirates

to eat
good will

And So At The End Of All Things

She flushed herself with crimson
She gassed your hidden chamber
She took the knife and cut you out
And spat your sign as cancer

Looks like
you played
too long


Why should I fear for death?
My end shall be the same
The billions breathing,
Leaving their remains

Why should I sing your song?
What makes your words echo?
Who are you
to question

They stood their ground and fought
You knew where we were found
Beneath a hole
inside the

The bullets swirl in time
The seekers shall not find
Me standing in
Your circus tent
No. . .

All Together Now

Walking through the garden of the consciousness supreme
I feel my hand attach to vines and slither through the years
The rocks and boulders roll along, the glaciers thrive and pulse
My love is all-surrounding as the forests spawn and grow!

Standing on the pedestal of the ancient rolling age
I see you and I know your soul, for it is also mine
The trains that jet between our hearts thunder even still
But I feel the wind connect us as a tether to its ball!

I know myself within the eyes of every lonely stranger
I hear my voice speaking with the choir of the mass
Our love is sprawling through the pages written ages past
I touched your hidden sanctum and together all is one!


I'm curled up here humming mad tunes
with the drilling of the weekday in my throat
the brick walls closing in and
all the
air is

corrupted mortal form

i'm smoldering
the weight of this ashy province is
too light to heal the wind

i break the oaths
i storm the castle
i strand myself in Vishnu's stare
and wonder how far I've come


I brought to you the world
come crashing on a turnpike
on a turntable
and I am formless
without hope
dredged through the
god-damn sewer and I
want to be with you I
want to be near you
but it's a struggle and I don't
know how it works anymore

The Early Autumn Blues

A couple with barren hands in the cold October afternoon
with signs that read FREE FRIENDSHIP
protesting unhappiness, the stultifying
suffocation of the imbecilic masses:
Thursday wet afternoon
Thursday sinking, gulping
Thursday with its pants unzipped

Roll it out on the umbrella, tell me to kiss your ass
Pretend you're smoking grass, stoking crass observations
And stick your pamphlet in your own damn face if you'd please