Primal poetry

Chieftain cheer
Hunt, rock

Deer, spear,
Tribe me here
Rock, fight

Deer, spear,
Proud and cheer
Glory hammer
We win

Deer, spear,
Chieftain's jeer
War come here
Wife so near

Deer, spear,
Cuckold's sneer
Kill him, fight him,
No good, dear

Deer, spear, silence queer,
Moon is white, sun is clear
We as one as many as two
Life, death, bury, who

Deer, spear, stony shear
Hunt so grand, without peer
Heart and fight and cut and bleed
Wife and child and mother and need

Deer, spear, together fear
Wife with mother and daughter with tear
We as many as punish as you
Fight and bury and blood and true