bang bang said i to she to you to me

old water is bubbling from the drain the light
-bulb just went out again fainting black
wolves with their teeth are splitting
indecision like a reef

Jasper discovers he's alone as the princess
steals his throne but she took him
for a fool because her father
is so cruel

burn like she did to the knight or like
Henry to his wife but don't tell me
that you heard that the meadow
killed the bird

beckon to the open stair that all we named
could not be shared but then the torch
was set to frost could it be that
we are lost

Madame Savage took her gun and let her
babies have some fun as she melted
down her ring so that Jules could
have a string

the banker's niece's daughter's son broke
his back on bread and gum but no
worries to be had the shrink shall
fix this salty lad

stop says Go says strange says know but
no we cannot leave the show before
the Magic Man is here that my
friend is rather queer

can't you see this is my pain that drives me
to be so insane and compels me to your
side and causes me to run and