Dream #2

The light that peeks between the shades
That curtain morning's snore
Have settled on my floor in shapes
Diamonds, rings, and more

I place my hand across her back and
Gently touch her lips
There's something here that has been lost
She wakes without a kiss

She draws in circles on the bed
Her fingers trace a heart
I cannot explain what it is she means
So I sent my mind afar

A Christmas tree sits, out of season
In her sparkling gaze
I reflect upon her fearsome nature
Sprawled across my days

I know that she has buried her
Self within my grasp
We had not spoke of things we've done
We know not what passed

Like prisms, splitting strands of hair
And testing out her lies
I don the shirt she bought for me
And close my weary eyes

Her tongue, it traces simple stanzas
Written from my pen
I go to write her a sonnet, sweet
And walk into the den

Her sister stares from a photograph
Upon the fireplace
Suddenly, I feel a pang of woe
As she sizes up my face

We know not what our future is
As I temper lust with fear
My poems dry up and waste away
My muse just disappears

Her family threatens me with guns
She holds a silver knife
I never thought it might end like this
So tangled up in strife

As she starts in to dealing her cards
And lays them on the floor
I see my shadow quickly crawl away
Underneath the door

Madonna holds the newborn Christ
Close upon her breast
There was some anxiety in her face
That an artist could not guess

Her pencils, sight with boundless rage
A seismograph through art
Never would she admit the truth
And so I felt a spark

You looked at me like I was a fool
And he was standing by
Her hatred, silent, in a dream that passed
They held their heads up high

Our lives began to peel apart, she held
Her nascent pose
I knew you heard me and I feared
You offered her a rose

"Something's wrong," I said to her
And I offered her a grin
The demons clawed across my tongue
And latched onto her skin

I left her in the car to think
On Heartbreak Boulevard
As I took a taxi to the hotel
To look upon the stars

They twinkled ancient wisdom thought
By wise men to present
The beginning and the end of all
That past so heaven-sent

He said he met her in the moment
When she needed him most
I remember what you promised her
As I gazed upon her ghost

And as we looked at memory albums
Positioned, pointing true
My moral compass pointed opposite,
Straight away from you