A Price Upon Our Heads

The snow and soot are mingled
In a marble meld of passion
Sprinkled in crazy patterns
On the highway of remembrance
You smell a kiss in passing
And manage not to waiver
As a cymbal crashes loudly
Your hands begin to tremble
I hear your daylight rambling
And taste your smokestack languish
Like tears of tawny trappers
Your hands are holding flowers
I peel my weary bootstraps
From the bottom of my sadness
My feet are worn and ruined
And your eyes are filled with madness
Let's preach atop the mountain
To the lepers and the convicts
We'll sever all their spirits
From the coil of moral quandary
Your hands, now quaking proudly
Seize my harp and play it
You speak in tongues of fortune
And fasten strange behavior
I feel your fever climbing
You smoke my fears and anguish
A child is skating past us
Your seismic self is livid
I bleed ink upon this paper
You heal my open wounds
My hands are clasped in prayer
You steal them and remind me
That life, though short and hateful
Can ring like perfect church bells
And hope, though short and helpless
Can fill my life with murmurs
They whisper with affection
That we were meant forever
To be as one united
So that our unsure station
Expels the ancient demon
And as you stand in silence
In awe at my reflection
I feel you laughing, melting
Into the black horizon
The clouds begin to gather
I see upon the mountain
A storm of senseless wonder
With horns of graveyard robbers
That keep your life and rapture
Their angels are like hornets
Who buzz at open elm trees
They sway in utter horror
At what we said was needed
And lastly, as the clouds part
I fear our night has ended
You never once had known me
And couldn't guess the current
A strand of simple lies of night that burst into my heart.