Cancel the Court Date

Iron-on fury and a sense of blurry
Avant-garde relations of man
Provide all the context for a merciful pontiff
Don't you know we're still in Afghanistan?

You keep telling me darling that you know how it started
But I have to keep telling the tale
About the rebels of commerce who expect all of Congress
To provide the money bail-out in bales

You got me puzzled and angry
You got me huddled and praying

I'm standing in the kitchen and I'm on a big mission
And I see you keep on towing the line
With your straw-hat and pistol and you're overall fickle
Don't you know this is 2009?

There's applause in the chamber but my coat's on the hanger
I wore it to another job interview
And my taxes are low but I got nothing to show
And man I have even less now to do

You got me hustled and hazy
You got me troubled and lazy