Trilogy Tragedies Trading Travesties

Your tattooed-tan and temper titan tambourine is shrill
Your sandy summer sample savior is silent, without thrill
Your catacombs of reverie and calendars of crates
Are canceling the causes and the castaway berates
Your drunken-daydream dismal death and dicey coat of arms
And your cookie fortune life that puts your sight at harm
And who could know that deep inside you're hollow as a tin
And that you embroider all your love with symphonies of sin

The sycophants and psychopaths are grasping at the sleuth
Begging him to barter with the farmers for the truth
Regarding waves of asphalt haze and hissy silver rakes
Quashing cravings of the craven killer-thief who slakes
His thirst for art upon the parts of faith that cannot hide
From the whips of danger-drawers that cardinals deride
As being so unmanly and as being wreathed in red
Encompassing the days of men and breaking all the bread

Such began the night that ran and bled into the years
The months that morphed into the sighs of children and of peers
Who cannot know by biting blows what banished banners breed
And refuse to save the clues that reveal the kingdom's greed
For who among the funny ones can hold their light afloat
To the shipwreck days of yore that guard the harried boat
And as all sights of senseless nights begin to melt away
The parsimony panzer parson prays for pavement pay

Silence speaks in simple speeds to single sweeping sores
And tears the tear-drop temple tastes from the tailored Thors
Those sowed by sanctioned anxious ants that answer to the name
Of the anguished father whose son has died in blood and vain
The wars that take and mutilate the helpless friar will
Of anyone who cannot take their tongue-drop tyrants off a pill
Are prepared in name and verse to preserve a way of life
That promotes the endless fields of hatred and of strife.