Perched upon the midnight crown
The chancellor is shuttled down
He answers all opponents' claims
But secretly records their names
His police parade at dawn
And the king is now a pawn
As sonnets soon are penned in jest
And pinned upon the hangman's breast
The skies are red, the moon is black
The devil's hand is on my back
But when I stare into your eyes,
I can see through their lies

Suited for the Senate seat
The poor man bleeds from his feet
And secretly believes his call
Is sacred and is meant for all
Holding baskets full of bread
The Lion of the floor is led
Into pacts and pointless trades
Exchanges born of hopeless knaves
Solemn servants scrub his brain
Until only his hate remains
But when he stares into your eyes,
He remembers why he cries

Power, money, sex, and wealth,
Seeks the sailor for himself
But unknown to the captain's crew
Their souls were to the devil due
As yellow seas of brimstone, smoke,
Ash, disease, and death were stoked
Sulfur tides begin to crash
Against the shores to seethe and thrash
Shipwreck memories of life
Are stolen by the knives of strife
But as the sailor sees your eyes,
The clouds are parting in the skies

The clock and all its gears shall crumble
The bunkers of the priests shall rumble
Humble, hopeless peasants shriek
As missiles kill the swift and sleek
The noose is tied around my head
The rope is made of flame and dread
The words and daggers of the clown
Become the floods that nobles drown
The drummer rattles at my cage
Persistent in his sightless rage
And as I look into your eyes,
I wait for all the sweet goodbyes