The desert grasps at my old throat
And squanders peace and Holy Ghosts
The mighty dune erases hope
As Hebrew lives are spurned and stoked
Moses cracks his serpent staff
And issues forth a thunderclap
The skulls of martyrs burn and melt
As soldiers stand beside themselves
The hourglass begins to bend
As time itself forgets to mend
The wounds of warriors lost at sea
The hopeful priests of certainty
The tide is high, so warm and pure
As gallops echo, sweet and sure:
March, go forth, and do proclaim
That you have found the Holy Name

Clouds of dust and gas distraught
Begins the Satan's last onslaught
As archangels storm the halls
Of Lords and Princes born in stalls
In Heaven, as in lands below
A Tyrant cannot hold his throne
Divine Bastille, birthed in hate
The silent human born to sate
The dreams of angels lost and torn
By Gabriel and Jericho's horn
As Michael stands with Azrael
Commanding God to serve in Hell:
The burning lakes of Angel's Mount
Are then declared the ones that count

Hushed, bereft of form and fame
The unclothed beast devoid of name
Seated, hopeless, left in fear
Is straddled by the harlot near
Her tambourine and silent growl
Her demon tongue and scarlet cowl
Persuade the lost and harried beast
To kill the Savior at his feast
But Judas holds his silver close
And bribes the Beast and his host
His task completed, pure and whole
He yet redeems his tainted soul:
Given thus his bravest task
Betrayal, as the Savior asked