to confirm your identity you must possess identification.
identification allows others to identify you.
your identity is therefore keyed to certain physical attributes,
as determined and certified by the state:
your height, weight, eye color,
and a picture of yourself are acceptable substitutes
for lengthy certificates and what not.
to acquire some form of identity
it is necessary to possess a certificate of birth.
these certificates are based on observance
from a doctor or some other certified medical professional.
likewise their certificates are conditional to the accreditation
provided to them by a university. or several. which are likewise
confirmed by the government and other institutions.
you must also present proof of address, meaning
some piece of mail that has your name on it and
also your address, or at least your legal address
because you can live somewhere and be legally
living elsewhere, as a matter of courtesy
or for fishing legal benefits from a guardian.
in addition it is important to have your
social security card presented which is
provided by the government after being
mailed, and once you have all of these it is
useful to have another form of identification
in order to identify you for your identification.
all of this is to prove to people that you are you
assuming you don't change your mind on who you are.