Sing With Me, Lady Love

Your dog-eared sentimental hopes of singing for a crowd
Are noxious, nauseous, nimble, numb, phony, false, and loud
You wear a jacket made of lies and breathe with winds impure
Dreams made of alimony, window sills to which you lured

Masks of acrimony, punished, praising punctuality
A pistol pointed sideways with intent to puncture me
You are the robber baron of my heart’s enduring love
The tamer, maudlin sparrow, vaudeville hair and blackened dove

My pair of trusted diplomats through which you entered spite
Betray your false aristocrats who plumbed the injured plight
Those sundered wonder-wavelength deaths you wished upon my soul
Your telephones of sympathy and hopeless demon role

Your hair of scarlet dyed from blonde, you hide within yourself
My wine sits there upon your desk, my books upon your shelf
You never meant to leave the scholar, sent to foreign lands
You hate my gaping face and maw, deny my waiting hands

Storms begin to swallow you as thieves surround your home
Angels die at your command and sages burn their tomes
The dirt from ancient graves of men you seek to pry and steal
Just so you can claim their fame and blame the pain you feel

Upon the constable who moves to make you for your crime
So you can waste your taste upon the prison walls of lime
Yes, sweet woman, speak to me and let me know your wish
Shall I pay for more disdain or just another dish

Of your contempt and lint-filled stints at Lake Superior
Named because your ego swells, so tell me where you were
Did you think I was na├»ve, that I’d play it by your rules?
After asking for my heart, declaring me your fool?