Heartbreak Boulevard

You step onto the dew-drenched grass
Your mind is clear, your heart is full
Raindrops sidle on your face
The day begins to kiss you
The dawn, your song, a melody
So sweet, so simple,
Gallops, gallant, through the streets
Of climbing clouds of crystal

I stand alone along the square
Anguish languishes affairs
Anger lingers, strange despair
The taste of blood, a pang, a dare,
Hang to dry your dead desire
Hang to die your loving fire

A dead end road
Where none can preach
It can't be found
If paths you seek

You never meant to be there
You don't know how to leave
A silhouette walks toward you
It breathes, it reeks, it seeps

Desperation fills the void
Where once was joy and light
Revert to childhood again
Thrash and shout and cry
Alone you stand
As stalking forth
Comes the dark figure
The moon is high
The air is chilled
Death shall yet demure

What detour brought me here
To see this sight grotesque?
What pain begets the breach of self
That leads to leaves upset, of Set?
I know this road,
and I blame her...

But as the luring claws of night
Close around my throat
I know that it was my fault
I ever set foot on this road