Beheaded Ambition

The distant piano hammers notes that blaze into the wind
Handlers take the vandals to the panel in self-defense
I wonder if you wander in to winter’s winded wars
Or if you’re just a summer soldier of the sunny shores

I missed a chance to frisk a dancing angel in the sky
Caustic frost on my exhaust sputters smog and lye
Thieves and beggars take their cues from the ancient mariner
Leaves and soot fill the grave of those who weren’t fair to her

Sadie, sadist, Satan, savior of the sane and sanitary
Her gleaming dreams of freedom are fleeting and are ancillary
Born to Mal and Melinda and destined for the militia
Approximated purpose and hurt will likely be sufficient

The flare of warning sirens bursts into the twinkling night
Because the planetary juggernaut didn’t think to fight
The fright of those who struggle has been burned at the stake
As the queen makes mistakes in lace and has to eat her cake