Sporadic Remembrance of a Future Self

Let's kick the ball and emancipate
Gather together and celebrate
I'm looking for love in all the right places
And I'm looking around at all the pretty faces
Hopefully, with a bit of luck—
We'll get down to it and we'll have a good. . .
Ahem, have a good time.

Just you and me… Sure, she can come
Ah, what the hell, we're all still young
Bring your friends, we'll have a party
It's a festival and it's only starting!
I'm looking at you, drunk with love
And maybe some liquor—
It's just a buzz!

Hangover blues on the next day
"It was worth it," you'll hear me say
Even though I don't remember last night
And I don't know if it was really right
I'm just afraid you don't feel the same
So I'll just—
Well, I'll just hope we can do it again.