What Harpies Preach in Words of Wine

Warriors pray to golden calves
Foreign soldiers hold their halves
The Prince of Thieves holds in his laugh
As darkness wakes the sweeping trash
Emblems of the midnight tide
Speak in rhythms born to rhyme
Horrors hope and heroes find
That saviors are not always kind

But it's okay,
You've got each other

Basking in the daylight drums
The rebel speaks of kingdoms
Piercing tithes and other sums
As a poet pirate soon becomes
Passive passages of fate
Wait not for the chimes of hate
As strangers hear and elevate
The causes of the empty slate

But it's okay,
For who will you judge you?

War begins and ends in flame
Vain about its so-called name
Hoping to its dame reclaim
As it claims eternal fame
Tongues of death slither and crawl
In your blood he hopes to scrawl
Your eulogy in words that drawl
As he finds you in the hall

But it's okay,
You're dead already.