Prester John rides out into the dusty desert
Convinced that he will find the colony of lepers
Instead he’s greeted by the Prince of Arabia
Who tells him of an evil king named Malaria
So Prester John takes a sword and travels all the lands
Seeking with his single mind the secrets of the sands
For though the war against the King has yet to begin
Prester John must still atone for sins.

Francis Bacon takes a crown and throws it to the ground
For he feels that all who kneel are really not profound
Stopped by seismic waves of days buried in the dirt
From the earth and flames does a dragon burst
And taking fork and taking spoon into his great, wide hands
Francis Bacon kills the beast and serves a dinner plan
For though the dragon is a beast mighty in his roar
Francis Bacon could not the beast ignore.

Arthur and brave Lancelot make find themselves adroit
Praised for skill in all they do in the city of Detroit
Their exile there is a result of failure and defeat
The forces of the night watchmen would then deplete
Making use of their talents, the duo volunteered
Soon Arthur and Lancelot were heroes and were cheered
For though the crime and decline was harsh and it was cruel,
Arthur and Lancelot were hardly fools.

Javert’s corpse with Valjean’s soul would walk the streets of Paris
And haunt the peasants and the priests and sit upon the terrace
All the houses of repute so ill and quite so stained
Were cast in iron, shod in steel, and birthed upon the Seine
“Who knows when,” the zombie said, “we will return to home”
For robbers of the graveyard sites were fitted now with chrome
For though the children of the night were ready in their boon,
Javert and Valjean were still entombed.