I’ll Take My Crucifixion Now, Please

The serpent swallows hollow souls within the hallowed vines
Of Eden's gates and misplaced trace of the plan divine
The pain within the heart of Cain was twain, insane, mundane
Jealousy, that petty beast, had blackened love's great flame
Abraham, sweet Abraham, God wants to kill your son
Complacent man, that Abraham, who brought him thus along
It was a test, perhaps a joke, for Lord knows we're property
Of GOD and FATHER, pointless rules, and monotony
Monogamy, monotheistic pressures of the times
Could it be brave David's luck or his lust in prime?
Solomon, wise Solomon, divides the babe in two
Inspiration to all bureaucrats who thrive on logic too
Delilah turns to Samson, the King of Rock and Roll
And tells him to get a haircut or else she'll steal his soul
Perhaps the prophets and the kings will figure out this ruse
As empire after empire dominate the Jews
Delivered from their righteousness, spared from heathen grasp
As those not born to Israel, put up to Caesar's task
Turned to small Judea with a trader's keen insight
And burnt the Zealots from their homes, blithe to Jewish plight
Baptismal fires flared upon the River of Jordan
As John, with nom de guerre Baptiste, invoked the Spirit's hand
Perhaps he's right, perhaps the Chosen One is all there is
But if that's the God whom I'm to serve—

—I'll pass on that, my friend.