Composition #7

Shadows maul my waiting face, exposing me to sin
Destroying all my innocence and distancing my kin
Cotton sorrow stretched tomorrow, today will only shrink
Wallow, hollow, follow, harrowed, what will let me think?
A brink to sink, a link, a tinkered twinkling tank of truths
Will bate the breaking base of bastards born in drinking booths
Hit the switch that with a situation saves the sands
That teaches Romeo to know what love at last withstands

Sing With Me, Lady Love

Your dog-eared sentimental hopes of singing for a crowd
Are noxious, nauseous, nimble, numb, phony, false, and loud
You wear a jacket made of lies and breathe with winds impure
Dreams made of alimony, window sills to which you lured

Masks of acrimony, punished, praising punctuality
A pistol pointed sideways with intent to puncture me
You are the robber baron of my heart’s enduring love
The tamer, maudlin sparrow, vaudeville hair and blackened dove

My pair of trusted diplomats through which you entered spite
Betray your false aristocrats who plumbed the injured plight
Those sundered wonder-wavelength deaths you wished upon my soul
Your telephones of sympathy and hopeless demon role

Your hair of scarlet dyed from blonde, you hide within yourself
My wine sits there upon your desk, my books upon your shelf
You never meant to leave the scholar, sent to foreign lands
You hate my gaping face and maw, deny my waiting hands

Storms begin to swallow you as thieves surround your home
Angels die at your command and sages burn their tomes
The dirt from ancient graves of men you seek to pry and steal
Just so you can claim their fame and blame the pain you feel

Upon the constable who moves to make you for your crime
So you can waste your taste upon the prison walls of lime
Yes, sweet woman, speak to me and let me know your wish
Shall I pay for more disdain or just another dish

Of your contempt and lint-filled stints at Lake Superior
Named because your ego swells, so tell me where you were
Did you think I was na├»ve, that I’d play it by your rules?
After asking for my heart, declaring me your fool?


to confirm your identity you must possess identification.
identification allows others to identify you.
your identity is therefore keyed to certain physical attributes,
as determined and certified by the state:
your height, weight, eye color,
and a picture of yourself are acceptable substitutes
for lengthy certificates and what not.
to acquire some form of identity
it is necessary to possess a certificate of birth.
these certificates are based on observance
from a doctor or some other certified medical professional.
likewise their certificates are conditional to the accreditation
provided to them by a university. or several. which are likewise
confirmed by the government and other institutions.
you must also present proof of address, meaning
some piece of mail that has your name on it and
also your address, or at least your legal address
because you can live somewhere and be legally
living elsewhere, as a matter of courtesy
or for fishing legal benefits from a guardian.
in addition it is important to have your
social security card presented which is
provided by the government after being
mailed, and once you have all of these it is
useful to have another form of identification
in order to identify you for your identification.
all of this is to prove to people that you are you
assuming you don't change your mind on who you are.


From the thickets of the night
She reeks of sex and mystery
Floodlights burst from her eyes
Devils dance along her tongue
Her lover, anguished Yesterday
Has left her for a younger girl
The twinkling taste of tyranny
Slips and slides along her teeth
Slipshod, satin, bow and quiver
She is so tangled up

From the cogs and gears of day
He stinks of labor and disdain
Crimson smolders in his eyes
Clockwork ticks and whirrs resound
His lover left him yesterday
He painted promises in gold
A grimace fades onto his face
Sinking, bubbling, bolted, wrenched
Mechanical and bound to time
He is so melted down

We're on Amazon, baby



The desert grasps at my old throat
And squanders peace and Holy Ghosts
The mighty dune erases hope
As Hebrew lives are spurned and stoked
Moses cracks his serpent staff
And issues forth a thunderclap
The skulls of martyrs burn and melt
As soldiers stand beside themselves
The hourglass begins to bend
As time itself forgets to mend
The wounds of warriors lost at sea
The hopeful priests of certainty
The tide is high, so warm and pure
As gallops echo, sweet and sure:
March, go forth, and do proclaim
That you have found the Holy Name

Clouds of dust and gas distraught
Begins the Satan's last onslaught
As archangels storm the halls
Of Lords and Princes born in stalls
In Heaven, as in lands below
A Tyrant cannot hold his throne
Divine Bastille, birthed in hate
The silent human born to sate
The dreams of angels lost and torn
By Gabriel and Jericho's horn
As Michael stands with Azrael
Commanding God to serve in Hell:
The burning lakes of Angel's Mount
Are then declared the ones that count

Hushed, bereft of form and fame
The unclothed beast devoid of name
Seated, hopeless, left in fear
Is straddled by the harlot near
Her tambourine and silent growl
Her demon tongue and scarlet cowl
Persuade the lost and harried beast
To kill the Savior at his feast
But Judas holds his silver close
And bribes the Beast and his host
His task completed, pure and whole
He yet redeems his tainted soul:
Given thus his bravest task
Betrayal, as the Savior asked

You Are Hell By Some Other Name

The sky is empty
Full of cold
Young and old
Speech and parlance
Poor and broke
Whores and harlots
Wounds that soak

Na-na, na-na,
The heartbeat hum stops and starts
Dum-da, dum-da,
The taste of love is short and tart

Let the line breathe

Let the verse shake

Bleed, silence, bleed

Quickened earthquake

The horror of this landscape
My soul is trapped within
Shall never touch this paper
Nor this blood-inked pen

Everything We Weren't

You can't understand
The words that I write
My pen is distorted
I can't seem to type
The flowers have wilted
We awoke from the dream
And I wish you were happy
But I can't seem to think
What is the problem?
What is remorse?
Why aren't you ready
For a proper discourse?
I hate what you've done
And I hate myself more
For letting it happen
And holding the door

I've found someone else
But it isn't the same
She doesn't quite know me
And can't spell my name
It's a Tuesday gone missing
A week dead at sea
The tombstone is missing
And yet I can see
As lust ensnares others
With vines and with tongues
You dance in the moonlight
As the poet, he hums
A song of remission
The plain spoken creed
The last of the saviors
The last who shall bleed

Everything You're Not

She smiles like a gypsy
She dances through streetlights
Her tongue is a whisper
Her mind is a ruby
Her eyes can speak volumes
She lets out her anger
There's nothing like sunshine
That brightens her manner
I wish you could see her
I wish you could know
That she is everything
That you are not.

A flame to a candle
The glass to perfume
A dancer, a dreamer
She never wakes up at noon
She never holds daggers
She never pens hate
Her face is angelic
She won't make me wait
Honest as rainfall
Warm as a dream
She was my last muse
My last everything

The truth

The worst part of this is
that when I see you
it still feels like
I should be

Heartbreak Boulevard

You step onto the dew-drenched grass
Your mind is clear, your heart is full
Raindrops sidle on your face
The day begins to kiss you
The dawn, your song, a melody
So sweet, so simple,
Gallops, gallant, through the streets
Of climbing clouds of crystal

I stand alone along the square
Anguish languishes affairs
Anger lingers, strange despair
The taste of blood, a pang, a dare,
Hang to dry your dead desire
Hang to die your loving fire

A dead end road
Where none can preach
It can't be found
If paths you seek

You never meant to be there
You don't know how to leave
A silhouette walks toward you
It breathes, it reeks, it seeps

Desperation fills the void
Where once was joy and light
Revert to childhood again
Thrash and shout and cry
Alone you stand
As stalking forth
Comes the dark figure
The moon is high
The air is chilled
Death shall yet demure

What detour brought me here
To see this sight grotesque?
What pain begets the breach of self
That leads to leaves upset, of Set?
I know this road,
and I blame her...

But as the luring claws of night
Close around my throat
I know that it was my fault
I ever set foot on this road

Thought Stained by Memory

Wedding bells ringing on the day of my birth
Heard another soldier is buried in the earth
Death is swift when it's cool and clean
Never did figure what it all means
Thunder licks the boots of the lakeside tree
Spoken too soon is my reverie
Pictures painted perfect in the Monday breeze
Hurdling through chairs like I'm Damocles

I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking

Wander into bars where the demons crawl
Couldn't hear your voice and my heart's too small
A melody dies on a woman's lips
Rhythm pours out from her sideways hips
Firstborn children of the godless sons
It hurts more deeply than a thousand guns
Married and buried by the time I'm grown
Too late now because my mind's my own

I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking

The savior pulled himself from his broken cast
First comes the thirst and the flask comes last
Skeletons dance on the broken doorstep
I turn in the desert and take one more step
A lifetime ago all I needed was you
But a lifetime has passed and we are through
Watch as the pendulum swings away
Watch me walk out of this life today

I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking
About you

Divinity Rejects the Mortal Flesh

Today we came untangled
Frayed at all our seams
The earth bereaved in flames
The sky, the sky, it bleeds

The thunderclap, Juno's call,
The dancing demons in my heart,
Satin sheets and Satan speaks
The night, the night, it seeps

Ashen creed and godly greed
The mouth of Chronus chews
Apostles hang on crosses, bare
The priest, the priest, he weeps

It was all a dream

Keyboards washing over
Shores of sandy maybes
A breeze begins to saunter
Trapped inside of Hades
Wonder what you're doing
Can't say if I trust you
Not that you don't like me
But is that enough to
Justify this lockbox
I put my heart inside of
You know what you need now
Let me know tonight if
Only I could touch you
Let our spirits mingle
Silent, seeking something
Simple, never single

Is this how I'm meant to feel?

The Awakening

Her spirit moves between the bricks
Past the steely hair of businessmen
Her eyes, like glowing coals, but blue
Her scarlet locks of hair tumble
Onto her sideways grin

A glass of wine, Merlot, I think
With poise she sips, slow, slow
An old projector plays a film
Together, laughing, yelping joy
Alone in all the darkness

Hoofbeats, like thunder, hurry past
I'm lost within a haze of love
My heart, with shades of reverence
Rob my pen of all its words
I struggle with expression

My tongue is tangled
My teeth are tattered
My mind is melted
And never have I been happier

Dream #11

She's a singer
I'm a poet
The stars are begging
For us to collide

She's a vision
A dream awakened
My heart is yearning
For her gentle touch

The repose of history
Studious, simple,
Salvation without percussion
Notes that linger,

A Letter to the Editor

I found out nobody
rhymes these days
Just put a few line breaks

Be edgy
Add a few
swear words

like a bitch

and italics
oh, the italics
please, you prissy one,
you cannot


Dream #10

I see her standing deep within
A forest of old, ancient trees
I know her Wisdom is old but true
Sophia, Venus, Ophelia,
She is my muse
She is a light
The past, its bridges,
Rotted out,
Seem so unimportant now

The drums of war have faded,
The pipes of thieves are unheard
I have forgotten all I held
Those strands of hate wrapped
In my fingers,
All released and freely thrown
So that my open daydream hand
Can grasp her waiting truths

The Wakened Dream

At my rusty typewriter
The night is dimmed and dying
I swim through reveries of her
With all my senses flying

Light splashes on her cheek
Her hands could conjure spirits
Her laugh resounds,
Her smile, forgiveness,
Her eyes,
Those eyes!
Serene, so keen,
Sweet summer dreams!

There is short distance between us,
I hold my breath,
I let her know,
Wrapped in the shades of acceptance,
Symmetric joy cascades upon her,
I laugh along,
And set myself,
Bare before her,