Epitaph of Another Beautiful Tyrant

The King died just yesterday
The masses huddled at his side
They tormented him to death
They're happy that now that he has died
They lust for blood, they lust for him
They lifted him, they threw him down
They clamored for his end to come
They gave him then his thorny crown

The King died just yesterday
His kingdom halls are empty now
The annals of his court remain
His heirs will not remember how
He held himself in times of pain
His armies marched across the earth
The huddled masses loved him once
But revolution killed his mirth

The princes cried, they held their tongue
The dukes spoke so wearily
The music died, the songs replied
That now we all must drearily
Accept that endings come in time
Purchase hope from rum and gin
Lift a bottle to the sky
And say without a hint of sin:
The King is dead
Long live the king