Something is wrong
I don't feel alive
There are strangers around me
They know me they say
I hold my hand steady
Then they steal my knife
The room, it starts spinning
Take three pills then five
Like, look at these stripes
Like tigers and zebras
They're pouring out from
My magazine pages
The guy with the windows
Surrounding his eyes
Is talking of mushrooms
And rainbow-tipped fingers
Like, feel the room glowing
Smothered in warmth
The pulse of miasma
She pukes on my coat
Who is this person
Staring at me
I look at him closely
I can't seem to see
The mirror is cracked
The towels are growling
I walk to the crowd
And everyone's laughing
Their faces are twisted
This guy, he has trackmarks
Where have I landed
Broken bottles surround me
Recycle your anger
This buzzing infects me
I hear a sound, screaming
Is that an owl, man?
The buzzing gets louder
The clock won't stop ticking
The TV is static
But no one has noticed
Look, I can't stay here
I have to be home
Please STOP that buzzing
I can't fucking think
The knife, someone's playing
A game with his hand
He might lose a finger
But he don't understand
Dumb, you ain't sayin'
Like, my tongue is tied up
It's bound by precision
Just open it up
We're kissing, we're screaming
We're knocking, we're broken
We're hoping, we're humping
And there went the padlock
Something is burning
It might be the couch
This guy just keeps popping
His pills and bugs out
Look at him dancing
On the table, no pants
An upper, a downer
Then a few more perchance
Where the hell am I
And how did I get here
Who are these people
And how do I leave?