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Alas the world, it comes undone
Alack the thunder heaven sprung
Aback are taken seven sons
Seven systems, seven suns
Seven prisons, seven Huns
Several sentences and puns
Pi times two divided twice
Never shall entwine, entice
Advice to all and none to hear:
Please remove your outer ear
Plus and minus pants and coats
Bras and shirts and oven coals
Hatred envy lust and gloom
Panscendental panic rooms
Pumas maul and make their name
Miasma and must and pain
Words that blurt their layered Danes
Hamlet, omelet, all that jazz
MacBeth and his unholy spazz
Candid armor, harm her, man
Plan to pan her play and hand
Huh, believe it? Yes, I do
Cancel cancer! you can too
Varnish furnish earnest harness
Dead old wives and mist will tarnish
Burn, burn, old Isis, through
Ahab has no use for you
And Abraham and Isaac too
Live alone and read the news:
Hammer, scythe, angels? nice
Number litter lumber lice
Sandwiched in-between your vice
And life that likes a lively price
As slithers in a sudden light:
What the hell did I just write?