The World Without You

The sky was orange, unrelenting
The wake, the waves would swallow hope
In the breeze were vulture's feathers
In the trees, the hangman's noose

With regret, my heart is quaking
With distaste, my friends rebuke me
So the soldier plans his chaos
So the liar joins his court

Love has flushed the cheeks of strangers
Love has washed away from us
Yes, they seek my hastened ending
Yes, they reek from hateful rending

Oh, but naught could e'er effect me
Oh, but naught could burst through stone
Until you broke my inner sanctum
Until you burned my cottage home

I see you dancing with the jester
I see you dancing with your smile
Know that I destroyed your ticket
Know that you are black and vile

Death to all who have disciples!
Death to all who feel no pain!
Can the world go on without you?
Can my life remain the same?