i don't remember writing you

crumpled songs delight the children
hate that you can see my brain
life like limericks dance and tremble
hope you heard my glowing name
look at me you pointless warrior
i can heal your broken pain
let's remind ourselves of anger
let's deceive the clock again

search yourself for truth and taste it
understand we were not one
laugh with all the other liars
escape with me to see the sun
ostentatious lords will preach it
lovers will reject the sum
and as you protect the pavement
i must then protect your son

turn the pages turn them forward
hopeless strings of petty lust
bustle to the bus-stop banners
earn the sailor's only trust
regard what you could have done
learn for what your mother fussed
gouge the temper of the stranger
run away from this you must

query: could not you be me
could not i have then been you
could not yellow be mismanaged
could not squires sing the blues
hardly harrowed is the sparrow
hurried hateful and with clues
hurt the ones you love the most
and then you will also lose

africa has touched my soul
africa calls to my ghost
rhythm mother of my knowledge
love me mother love me most
jungle desert mountain meadow
i must touch her ivory coast
sunder sanction savior sandal
i am evil's only host

rust is lining on my car door
saws and drills burn in my head
ample apples and demeanor
left me with a numbing dread
long for langston and for dylan
leave your thoughts inside your head
boast and blame the bumpkin bangles
bleed from poison and from lead

suspend your hopes from daggers darling
sustain your lyrics from my love
listen to my symphonic movement
release your didactic dove
lasso lines of laurel lombards
put on now a silken glove
put me then on your misfortune
give me then a little shove

hunt your hyphens hate your hangers
hundred hands of huns rejoice
have it happen historic handles
hulls of ships have little choice
guns and ammo green and orange
have naught but a passive voice
leave me with your tongues of fashion
ledgers and a lost invoice

signs are sticking from the highway
hierophants have failed me still
lurking lurches swerve with fervor
i feel like you just want a thrill
stop with all your malcontent
i miss the fields we once would till
underneath the oaken midnight
where the crow would never kill

touch me please and give me patience
kiss me while you walk away
stand as two on ocean shorelines
tell me that you want to stay
monuments of nothing matters
where the gods of yore do lay
live with me and let me move
along the silent gleaming bay

pipers play so rats may live
ants crawl to the building stair
knives are known to scar my psyche
and to steal my curling hair
come with me and tell a tale
of how you never once will care
for affections of another
as i set my flowers there

graves, glimmer, remorse, divorce
all together shout your plea
slaves, sliver, hoarse, discourse
remind me of the great queen bee
knaves, silver, horse, distort
everything you want or need
hey, listen, don't report
and please recall, you called me