Old Miner's Blues

My lover crawled onto my doorstep
As hornets swarmed around her face
Trumpets scorned my tainted honor
Pianos warned of my disgrace
The ocean parts, the sky is empty
Save for birds and thorns above
The smell of death is what calls them
They smell the death of my true love

Silence thunders in the chamber
As the beggar steals my throne
The taste of summer fills my window
And on my love, the smell of bones
The glades and glaciers cannot hide her
Nor the totems of her home
Laughter leaves her lips in rivers
As she drops her bloody comb

I had hoped to find her lair
With my guitar, my pack of rags
A knife that gleams in harvest moonlight
Where the shadow always sags
I found her lost within my footprint
Stumbling blindly to my door
She pleaded for my own forgiveness
As she died upon my floor