Look at me when you look away
Mimic a limerick's lie of life
The sky cracks and we waltz
We waltz
We dance and drink to my demise

Look at my gravestone
See the crucifix at Kerouac's
That could be me up on that cross
Jesus, think of all the times
That Kublai Khan and Mr. Darcy
Imagined hypnotism and discourse
And force-fed their respective Eisenhowers

Stutter, shimmer with the oboes
Buddy Holly wants his face back
Melt back in with Anne Boleyn
Guy Fawkes hates your stupid hat
Hunger like a mouthful of
jingoistic banjo bangle players
tigers tearing rajahs new beginnings

Spit atop the Eiffel Tower
With Carl Sandburg, Arthur Rimbaud
David Copperfield, Leonard Cohen,
Mengele, Daisy Buchanan,
Jeff Foxworthy, Northumberland,
Odysseus, Jack London,
and of course, Jean Valjean